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How To Sell Your Record Player/Turntable/Vinyl Records Successfully?

As an expert in collecting vinyl collections and record players, I have had years of buying and selling this type of music player device. As I can see, not so many people, even some with huge passion for this hobby know exactly how to evaluate the value of a device and how to trade it successfully. Taking advantage of this, I have bought so many precious products with high value in both usage and appearance as well as sell several of them with an acceptable profit that can enable me to enlarge my collection.

In order to encourage people to put their interest on this old but gold hobby, I will share some tips and tricks about how to be good in trading record players and vinyl records. Now let’s get started and see which the best current record player for sale is and how you can get them with the best price. Of course, if you want to sell something, it would be helpful as well.

Sell Your Record player

What You Should Make a Notice

  1. Don’t lie about the condition of your record player: You have to sell something that can operate correctly. It can be old, the appearance can be poor, but at least it has to be in working condition. That’s the way you want it to be sold. Don’t try to hide or lie about some parts being worn out. The more specific you can, the faster can you sell your product. Many people think another way around but it turns out to be such a disadvantage because it’s cheating and traders work based on mutual trust, that’s why they can never sell their record players.
  2. The stylus and the best are the most important part of caring about: With sellers, you have to keep these parts good as new or at least in good condition comparing to the rest of your record player. If your stylus is worn out, just say so. Similar to it, you should be honest about the condition of the belt if your record player uses the belt – driving. In some cases, people often pull the hair out of an old belt and make it runs slower. You should alert the buyer before working further.
  3. Provide useful information about the belt and the stylus: Some buyers will need the information about these crucial parts if they want to make some replacements. It would be very helpful if you can show them and instruct a little bit. It means you are quite dedicated and care about the quality of your product, not an amateur who is fed up with his record player.

Vinyl collection

  1. The manual guide is very important: You buyers can be either experts or beginners. However, showing them how to use your record player correctly can have a positive impact on their thinking and make them want to buy what you are selling. On the other hand, when you go to the store and ask for a record player, of course, you want to know its operations and do some testing as well. Though it might not be fully demonstrated, at least your customers can see that whether they can be passionate about this device or not. It saves time for both sellers and buyers.
  2. Clean up a little bit: With a quick clean using rubbing alcohol and dusting cloth, you can at least make your device clean and neat. It can show that you are a person who really loves using and collecting record players and really cares about them. People will want to buy things from a person who is careful since the device will be in better condition. But your clean should be carefully carried out so as to avoid any accidental damages that might affect the record player’s operation.
  3. Inform about the modifications fully: If you are not selling original product from the manufacturer, just tell your customers. Sometimes your modifications could be good, sometimes it could be bad. Normally, most of the collectors will keep their collection in the formal form as long as possible unless there are some breakdowns that need replacement or modification. Some changes about the switches, the base or the stylus should be informed in detail so that people can understand what you did and maybe appreciate that change (or not). It might be risky because some of the collectors will never buy modified models of the record
  4. Test the sound before the buyers come: If you sell your record player at your house, it would be such a good condition to make some auditions before the real deal takes place. This is a crucial rule since you don’t want anything goes wrong while you are talking about things such as how good your device is and how to use it. Moreover, some buyers don’t have much time to spend, especially people who want to buy this device as a gift for Easter or Christmas. If possible, play the music before the appointment and be ready to talk really quick about your product. Time is money!

Record Player Collection

Making use of a record player is difficult, but trading them is another story. It might take you quite a lot of time getting acquainted with all the prices, technical terms, and parts and sometimes tricks to buy less and sell more. However, getting money with something you like is really good, even with people who are new to this field of the collection. Some people don’t think this kind of music playing device can be a profit, but the truth is some of the collectors possess such a treasure of vinyl collections and record players which are estimated thousands of dollars.

In Short

So if you are bored of using your current record player, maybe you can start planning your business with this device and make your collection bigger time after time. If you have any questions about products, markets, prices or even business plans, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m happy to help record player lovers all the time!