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Some Tips To Buy Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones have gone beyond the limit of the technology accessory since the mid-2000s into a popular technology innovation, bringing music to millions users during any daily activities. Wearing a pair of headphones while exercising tend to be the habit of any sportsperson who enjoy music and want to burn the calories without boredom and tiresome. Bluetooth headphones help users have more control with technology devices to focus on working out.

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Choosing a Bluetooth headset seems to be simple, but it really comes with a distinct challenge for each type of Bluetooth headphones. The key factor to the success of the Bluetooth headphones depend on how they fit to the users’ ear shape and preference; especially with sport Bluetooth headphones, they need to be suitable for sport activities while still provide the best sound quality. In this article, we will help you find the best Bluetooth headphones for working out by sharing importance tips needed:

Pros And Cons Of Using Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out:

–        The most obvious advantage of the Bluetooth headphones is to help us free hands to do other things while talking and listening. We can still running outside or practicing boxing and still talk over the phone easily. Also the Bluetooth headphones with good sound isolation feature ensure that the conversation is not heard by other people, the common case when using the phone’s loudspeaker.

With Bluetooth headphones, you can put your phone anywhere within 10m without carrying it with you. If you practice in the gym, you can put your phone in the gym bag and put it in the cabinet so that you can focus on your exercise only; and also avoid the harm of the electromagnetic, which affect the three main areas: brain – heart – generative organs.

–        So whether Bluetooth headphones have any harmful effect to our health? Basically, the wave transmitted in Bluetooth is FM, similar to radio or wireless microphone waves so it is considered safe.

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that cell phones could cause long-term harm to the human body. The cause is that cell phones emit high energy radiation. This is extremely important, because the phone sends signals from broadcast stations several kilometers away. In contrast, the range of Bluetooth wave is only about 10 meters, so the Bluetooth radiation carries negligible power.

Tips To Buy The Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out:

  1. Brand:

The first thing to note is the brand of the Bluetooth headphones. Headphones made by well-known manufacturers, such as Sennheiser, Plantronics, Nokia, Sony, Creative, Jabra,… are always more reliable than the brand-new Bluetooth headphones with cheap price from China.

Normally, the quality headphones will be used for couple years without being old-fashioned, at the same time, price always comes in parallel with quality of the headphones, so don’t hesitate to invest on the headphones from reputable brands.

  1. Design:

The external design and material of the Bluetooth headphones is what you need to pay attention when you carry the headphones to the gym. Well-branded headphones often come hand in hand with sophisticated, elegance and modern design. The plastic material gives the rigid design for the headphones, so that no matter the shiny or matte design of the headphones, they will have the nice, glossy surface which is far from poor quality headphones from unknown brands.

  1. Comfort To Use:

Not every Bluetooth headphones are designed to fit comfortably. Mostly, they are one-size-fits-all so you need to check the clip-on strap that fits into your ear or not. If it is too wide, the Bluetooth headphones will not be firmly attached to the ear, so they will easily fall off. Especially when using the headphones on training sport, with many strong and sudden moves, your loose headphones may prevent you to achieve the best performance and also make you lose your mood.  You also need to pay attention to the elasticity of the ear cords; if the material is lumpy, the earmuffs will be rough and painful.  The housing and fit of the headphones should fit your ear to ensure better sound quality, no sound leakage and no ear pain for long periods of use (should choose headphones with tips to change to different ear shape).

  1. Connect Ability:

Differ from other headphones, the Bluetooth headphones can connect to your smartphone easily with many functions like FM radio, add an external memory card to turn the Bluetooth headset into an MP3 player, including NFC-compatible technology… But the most importance factor should be call quality. The Bluetooth headphones are perfect companion for sportsperson, give you the freedom to accept the call without finding the phone.  Operating distance of the Bluetooth headphones is very important. A good Bluetooth headset can work perfectly at a maximum distance of 10m with a mobile phone, in a non-obstructed environment. If the operating distance is shorter, it means that the headphones’ transmitting power is weaker, resulting in poorer call quality.

  1. Sound Quality:

Musicand workout

Test the sound quality is not easy and there are almost no optimal standards.

The Bluetooth headphones for working out need to have sound-isolation but this feature also depends on which sport you are playing and the environment around you.

–        If you prefer to practice in the gym with normally loud background music, you properly don’t want to mix the sound of your songs with surrounding noise, thus the best option should be closed-back headphones. This type of headphones prevent any noise from outside come inside your ears, at the same time, other people can’t hear what you are hearing.

–        If you like to jog, cycle or run in the park or crowded area, the better choice should be open-back headphones. Unlike closed-back headphones, these headphones provide more natural sound while you can still hear thing outside to be cautious of any accidents.

Depending on the type of music you love, you should spend some time to listen to your favorite songs. As for gentle music such as jazz, blue, soul… you should choose headphones which provide clear and subtle sound. Regard rock music, hip hop, and other fast tempo types of music, you should pay more attention to bass and volume range of the headphones.